Transports to Turkmenistan – as part or full load by truck

Transports to Turkmenistan – as part or full load by truck

Regularly, we transfer full loads, part loads and sublots by truck from Germany to Turkmenistan.

International transports to Turkmenistan via Russia and Kazakhstan

  • part loads to Ashgabat and Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan
  • full loads from Germany to Turkmenistan
  • Heavy transport and oversized transport from Germany, Europe to Turkmentbashi, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan – transports by professionals only

More and more foreign enterprises are able to enter the business market. As a result, foreign exchange is flowing back to the so-far more or less unnoticed country. The number of European projects in order to diversificate the domestic economy is continuously increasing. One of the major challenges is finding capable partners supporting the positioning within a market with great potential, especially for transports to Turkmenistan. However, the transport industry benefits from the recent developments. A growing number of goods transports as complete loads, oversized and heavy transports from Germany to other EU countries are required. Every single transport to Turkmenistan asks for a good preparation and also represents a challenge for experts.

Classic energies demand plant engineering

The deposits of oil and gas are one of the most important goods regarding the economical development of Turkmenistan. The country could become one of the biggest suppliers for the western world. However, this requires using the deposit and exporting it to the West. If the country is capable of handing over large quantities of energy, a great economical development would be the answer. Therefore, the plant construction has to be increased. For some time, German enterprises as well as companies from neighbouring countries have been trying to enter the market. To build plants, well-prepared and carefully executed transports to Turmenistan as complete or part loads are required. Even experienced logistics companies are reaching their limits with regard to the distance and the local road conditions. For this reason, the German companies choose specialized forwarders knowing the particular country demands and being able to execute the good transport as full load or, if required, a partial load. Of course oversized and heavy transports are as well possible.

Safety and transport regulations are to be considered

On the road to Turkmenistan, the carriers are not only forced to fulfil a logistical masterpiece but to observe national safety, transport and customs regulations. With a view to the long distance and the transport by road manifold documents have to be created, managed and handed over to the authorities. Special language skill are often required. In order to succeed, logisticians are looking for qualified staff knowing the domestic market and providing solid language skills as well as transport expertise. Being prepared like this, a punctual and payable transport to the most far-off regions of Turkmenistan is feasible.

Contact us, we will gladly answer any question. We assure a safe, reliable and on-time good transport to Turkmenistan.

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