Transformer – special transport to Kazakhstan

Transformer - special transport to Kazakhstan

In December 2015 we successfully executed the special transport of a transformer from Germany to Kazakhstan. On customer request, we organized a heavy load transport by road without reloading and without taking the ferry to St. Petersburg.

A special truck was used for this oversized transport:

Three-axis truck unit with an extendable seven-axis low-loader with ramps
Height: 0,8 mtrs.
Length: 10,8 mtrs. up to 18 mtrs.
Vehicle load capacity: a maximum of 95 tons

Measurements of the transformer:

Length: 5190 mm
Width: 1830 mm
Height: 3680 mm
Weight: 49,7 tons

The transport route runned from Germany via Poland, Belarus and Russia to Kazakhstan and was exactly pinpointed in the special permissions.

The total height of the load including trailer was about 4,5 mtrs., the total weight was approx. 75 tons.

What are the costs of a transformer transport to Kazakhstan / Russia?

Please send your personal request via contact form, phone or email.

    * Pflichtfeld

    Picture: EuroGUS e.K. International Shipping
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