Oversized transports of silos to Ukraine with a special transport

Oversized transports of silos to Ukraine with a special transport

Oversized transports of silos In June 2015, we organised the international heavy-duty transport and oversized transport of three silos from the Czech Republic to Krivoj Rog, Ukraine with a special transport.

Special transports of tanks: With experienced specialists only

International transports of storage containers, silos and tanks to Russia, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan or the CIS states are even for experienced logistics companies a great challenge. The size and the weight of the transport goods, the long distance, impassable streets, transit countries with special transport requirements, this altogether requires specialized vehicles.

The production of containers, silos and tanks

The production of containers, silos and tanks with different sizes are a speciality of German enterprises being internationally well-known for their excellent quality. Depending on the execution, the containers have a high chemical resistance and corrosion protection. They are suitable for transports over long distances and resist extreme temperatures. With national and international certifications, these tanks can also be used for rough terrain and passing countries with specific transit transport specifications. The containers can be stored horizontally or vertically, for this reason they can be used for nearly every kind of transport good, such as chemical fluids, water and sewage, sludge and manure.

Transport process to Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other countries

Needless to say, for an effective transport process to Russia suitable containers are a very significant criterion. But of the same elementary importance is of course the choice of a reliable logistics company knowing the entire complex transport chain as well as ways to delivery in time and at an affordable price. We handle all aspects of the transport, starting with the route-planning, calculating the best price, preparing the necessary transport documents and ending with the execution of the transport. We offer our customers a prompt and affordable realization of their complex logistics projects.

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